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Reintroducing Curbed: Love Where You Live

Vox Media’s home and design brand underwent a major renovation.

Today we are proud to celebrate Curbed, Vox Media's home and design brand, as it relaunches with a new look, more interactive features, and enhanced capabilities on our proprietary publishing platform, Chorus.

The Curbed of today was a decade in the making. It was in May 2004 that Lockhart Steele, now Vox Media's VP, editorial director, published Curbed as a real-estate-obsessed "Manhattan playground" (which he nearly named Blockhop!). A decade later, reporting from more than a dozen cities across the country, Curbed became an essential part of Vox Media that was soon led by its first-ever editor-in-chief Kelsey Keith.

In the months leading up to the relaunch, more minds throughout Vox Media joined the project: Vox Product spearheaded the move--migrating a content archive, housing data-rich graphics and video, and heightening the mobile experience; the design team brought to life a fresh logo and color palate that seeps into every element of the brand; and Keith's growing number of editors and writers took the opportunity to start new series, focus on home tech, release city-based maps called Pocket Guides, and even add one more member to the family, Curbed Austin.

But to the dedicated and wildly engaged audience who has loved Curbed for years, don't worry. You'll still find the same great longform, architecture and design criticism, and local coverage that has always been the essence of Curbed. You'll just watch and read about all things home with a better experience than ever before.

Follow Curbed today: Get breaking news on Twitter, hunker down with home listings on Facebook, scroll through an aspirational kitchen gallery on Pinterest, and get a daily dose of design inspiration via Instagram.