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Intel, Vox Media, Re/code, and Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation Partner to Hack Online Harassment

The industry-wide initiative invites all media companies to join this effort.

Today we are proud to launch Hack Harassment, a new collaborative initiative from Intel, Vox Media, Re/code, and Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation to fight online harassment and provide safer, more inclusive online experiences.

Announced at the International Consumer Electronics Show by Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, Vox Media Chairman and CEO Jim Bankoff, Re/code Executive Editor and Co-Founder Kara Swisher, and Born This Way Foundation Co-Founder and President Cynthia Germanotta, Hack Harassment encourages industry-wide action to address the pervasive issue, calling on the technology and media industries, non-profits, academia, thought leaders, and members of online communities.

"As a company that is built on the notion of open expression online, we want to do our part to protect individuals and communities who seek to communicate without fear of harassment," said Bankoff. "We invite all media companies to join us in this effort."

As a first step, Hack Harassment will feature a series of hackathons later this year. The sessions will be available both online and in-person and are designed to be participatory, outcome-driven, and community-led. The goal is not just one of awareness but to also increase accountability, advance anti-harassment technology solutions, and affect positive change.

Intel, Vox Media, Re/code, and the Born This Way Foundation will share findings, recommendations and progress from Hack Harassment at Re/code's annual Code Conference on May 31-June 2, 2016.

For more information, to view findings from a recent survey of technology professionals on this issue, and to join Hack Harassment, visit