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SXSW Panels from Vox Media

SXSW 2016

Public voting for South by Southwest panels wraps Friday, September 4th, and this year the Vox Media family has submitted 21 forward-thinking and creative sessions for consideration. Here is a glimpse at what we hope to publicly discuss in Austin next March.

Vote for and share your favorites here:

Just log in or set up an account (it's quick and painless), search "Vox Media" or for your favorite panel below, and click the thumbs up to vote.

Making Fast: A Feature in Media Publishing (Vox Product): Vox Media declared a performance bankruptcy last year, but today we've considerably improved our sites' performance. This is how.

How to Fuck Up a Branded Content Deal (Vox Creative): The Global Head of Brand Strategy explains how to make a major branded content deal and avoid pitfalls, by reviewing the successful launch of Fantasy Online College.

Does the $22 Billion a Year Video Game Industry Need a Union? (The Verge): Editors from The Verge, Kotaku and KBA Voice ask, why doesn't an industry that makes $22 billion/year in revenue have a unified workforce?

What VR Needs to do Right Now to Succeed (The Verge): A hype-free talk from a Verge reporter on the problems—and solutions—facing the modern virtual reality industry.

The Editorial/Product Divide: Co-Founders Clash ( Two co-founders, one from the product side and one on the editorial side, review how they launched a successful digital media startup.

TV is the New TV and Other Crackpot Theories (Vox Media): Top voices from Vox Media and other media companies debate the future of where and how media will be seen.

Botversations: Messaging is the Medium (Vox Product): Vox Media and XOXCO explore bot interaction design and offer toolkits for creating one's own bots.

Brave New URL: Winning on Mobile-Social Platforms (Vox Media): Execs from Refinery29, Mashable, Vox Media, and NowThis News discuss how to reach audiences on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other platforms.

Leveraging a Moment: Brand, Product, Publisher (Vox Media): Vox Media, GSD&M, and Amp Agency share techniques for brands that want to create and join conversations.

The Hipsterification of Chain Restaurants (Eater): A discussion led by Eater on the trend of fine dining chefs moving to quick-service chains, with the founder of Chipotle, CEO of Shake Shack, and founder of Momofuku.

Cultural Appropriation in Restaurants (Eater): Is cooking the food of another ethnicity or region appreciation or appropriation? This is a look at culture and authenticity in the kitchen.

What Happens When a Sensor "Writes" a Review? (Eater): A panel on the impact of diners using data-driven sensors to review and test food at restaurants.

A Woman's Body in the Restaurant Kitchen (Eater): An honest discussion with Eater's Editor-in-Chief on how physical, biological realities inform female achievement in US restaurants.

Publishers and the Power of the People (Vox Entertainment): VPs from Vox Entertainment and Refinery29 speak with YouTube star Nikki Phillippi on how digital celebrities impact publishers.

The Next 3 Billion People on Social (Re/code): Experts from Re/code, Facebook, Endaga, Hootsuite explain the massive political and cultural changes we'll see in the next few years when 3 billion people are connected.

Coming 2 U Live: The Future of Streaming & Sports (Re/code): A panel on the future of live-streaming technology, from leaders at Re/code, Business Insider, Fancred, and the Tampa Bay Rays.

Humans, Not Machines: Content is About Connecting (Vox Media): Top editors from Refinery29, Hearst Magazines Digital Media, and Vox Media discuss the key factor in any successful digital media business: people.

Sports Media's Role in Shaping Social Justice (SB Nation, Outsports): Speakers from Outsports, ESPN, and Sports Illustrated explore the role of sports journalists in starting discussions around social issues.

How to Survive Off-Platform as a Web Publisher (The Verge): The Verge's Engagement Editor explains how publishers can adapt for readers who expect their content on platforms like Facebook.

Everything About Your Home is About to Change (Re/code): This panel from Re/code and Sulon Technologies is an imaginative tour of the technologically advanced homes of tomorrow.

Infinite Jukebox: The Future of Curation (The Verge): A SXSW Music talk from The Verge's Entertainment Editor on what defines contemporary music fans, a group with the history of recorded music at their fingertips.