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News from Vox Media: Week of July 27 released an exclusive video interview with Sen. Bernie Sanders; SB Nation announced its first-ever award, The Piesman Trophy; Eater launched a NYC restaurant health app.

Welcome to the weekly roundup of notable coverage of, and announcements from, the world of Vox Media. Editor-in-Chief Ezra Klein sat down with Sen. Bernie Sanders for an inclusive one-on-one video interview: Bernie Sanders: The Vox Conversation. The interview and resulting political controversy was covered by the The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Week, Newsweek, and Bustle among others.

Mike Hadgis, Vox Media's V.P. of Global Revenue and Partnerships, spoke with Capital NY about Chorus for Advertisers, branded content, and what sets Vox Media apart.

Nieman Lab profiled Vox Media and six other organizations that use Slack for workflow. Lauren Rabaino, Vox Media Product Director, Editorial, raved "we use it to be incredibly productive and transparent, but also to foster team-building and camaraderie with remote colleagues."

Lindsay Nelson, Vox Media's Global Head of Brand Strategy, discussed the future of ad tech with the Wall Street Journal.

Digiday spoke with Jonathan Hunt, Vox Media's VP of Global Marketing and Partnerships, about Snapchat and its benefits to publishers. "There's great advertising upside on the platform, but there's an even greater audience and brand-building opportunity," Hunt said.

SB Nation announced the formation of its first-ever award, The Piesman Trophy. The Piesman Trophy will be an annual award, recognizing college football's greatest out-of-the-ordinary play by a lineman from any level of college football, from FBS to Division III.

Eater launched a new app for New York City diners: NYC Restaurant Health Scores, Interpreted. The app allows consumers to instantly view Department of Health Restaurant Health Scores for over 26,000 NYC restaurants along with reasons behind the grades.

The Verge released an exclusive interview with the team behind Microsoft's Windows 10 in "The Story of Windows 10 from Inside Microsoft." Editor Tom Warren also spoke with CNN International about the week's big release.

MSNBC's Greenhouse interviewed Curbed NY Senior Editor Jessica Daily on the rise of micro-apartments.

The Associated Press talked to Adrian Glick Kudler, Senior Editor of Curbed LA, about Katy Perry's bid to buy an LA convent.