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News from Vox Media: Week of July 20

MKBHD named to Variety's first-ever Famechangers List
MKBHD named to Variety's first-ever Famechangers List

Awards for The Verge, Vox Creative and Vox Product; The Verge’s partner MKBHD is named to Variety’s first Famechangers list; Racked gets inside Gwyneth Paltrow’s Empire, Goop.

Welcome to the weekly roundup of notable coverage of, and announcements from, the world of Vox Media.

Vox Media is pleased to share good award news this week: The Verge won the Native Creative Judge's Selection for Most Pioneering Publisher; Vox Creative won the Native Creative People's Selection for Best Sponsored Series for The Verge & Cadillac; Vox Media's product team was shortlisted for the Net Award's Team of the Year; and senior designer Yesenia Perez-Cruz made the Net Award shortlist for Designer of the Year.

Notable YouTube tech reviewer and contributor to The Verge Marques Brownlee, aka MKBHD, was named to Variety's first-ever Famechangers List, alongside other top rising digital stars.

Lindsay Nelson, Vox Media's Global Head of Brand Strategy, spoke with The Media Briefing on how Vox Media differentiates from its competitors in the ad space. "We're solving problems that other people haven't even thought about or recognised as workflow issues, or platform issues," she says.

Racked profiled Gwyneth Paltrow's growing empire, Goop. The piece was picked up by Vanity Fair, Refinery29, Entertainment Tonight, Los Angeles Times, The Frisky, The Hairpin, and Fishbowl NY, among others.

Re/code released the third episode of Re/code Decode with Kara Swisher, an interview with Y Combinator President Sam Altman. Brit + Co. calls the new "insightful podcast" essential for any commute.

Eater announced the annual list of 21 Best New Restaurants in America. essayist Alasdair Wilkins spoke with NPR's "Here & Now" about his recent piece "I lost 100 pounds in a year. My ‘weight loss secret' is really dumb."

Queerty shared an ode to Re/code's executive editor Kara Swisher, lauding her as "one of the most powerful digital media players today." How Do We Love Tech Columnist Kara Swisher? Let Us Count The Ways.