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News from Vox Media: Week of November 30 launched on Snapchat Discover; Racked prepared for its first-ever holiday market in New York City. launched a Discover channel on Snapchat. Introducing to the app meant recruiting a team of three and creating a unique multimedia experience for the Snapchat audience, explained Allison Rockey,'s director of programming, to Digiday. "When you're in an app like Snapchat, you know the way people are using it is when they're standing at the bus stop. Having that constraint makes us cut out the fat."'s Snapchat editions are delivered every day at 6 am, frequently with the entire edition focused on a single topic or theme. Check it out.

Eater's Ryan Sutton exclusively reported that New York's Eleven Madison Park will eliminate tipping in 2016. The news from the World's 5th Best Restaurant (San Pellegrino) was picked up by Gothamist, Fox News, Grub Street, and Politico, among many other publications.'s video message to Paris from kids who lost parents in 9/11, four now-young adults who "wanted to tell the people of Paris that they're not alone," was shared in the New York Daily News, Huffington Post and around the world in the Daily Star (UK), Irish Independent, New Zealand Herald, and Yahoo France.

Racked prepared for its first-ever holiday market, taking place this Saturday and Sunday in New York City. Racked will bring "13 of its favorite LA boutiques to create a beach-inspired bazaar equipped with a photo booth, free gift-wrapping and special treats from nail brand NCLA" (Time Out New York), offering "items that range from the predictably gift-worthy (jewelry, shoes, ready to wear) to the unexpected (pet accessories). The event will be sponsored by Stella Artois" (New York Observer).

Racked's Chavie Lieber featured a deep dive into the billion-dollar baby market that was shared widely by sites including Jezebel.

Eater shared nine ultra-festive holiday cocktails recipes with Martha Stewart Living.

Re/code managing editor Edmund Lee spoke with NBC's Tech Talker about how online retailers are making deliveries faster than ever this holiday season.

Elmo Keep chronicled her week traveling in a coffin-shaped bus with the Transhumanist Party's presidential candidate for The Verge in President for Life: Can Zoltan Istvan beat Hillary, Trump, and death itself? Keep and Istvan also joined Digg for a live discussion on feature, the Transhumanist movement, and why are the tech elite of Silicon Valley are so obsessed with it.