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SB Nation names the first-ever winner of The Piesman Trophy

The award for college linemen who do awesome, un-lineman things

On Friday, December 11, SB Nation gave out the inaugural Piesman Trophy, an award to celebrate the college football player who delight the Internet by running, throwing, or catching a football. From a pool of fan-favorite plays, a committee of experts from SB Nation, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, USA Today, and a dozen other publications, crowned Southeastern Louisiana's Ashton Henderson the first-ever winner. He celebrated with his favorite dessert at City Bakery's Piesman Pie Bar.

Henderson was chosen for a play that demonstrated heads-up awareness, speed, and refusal to be tackled; it's the perfect example of everything the Piesman Trophy represents.

Fortunately, you didn't have to get on the guest list to experience the Piesman ceremony. SB Nation's Susannah Collins took fans behind-the-scenes with Facebook Live to enjoy the ceremony in real time with almost 300,000 members of the SB Nation and Facebook communities.

Posted by Susannah Collins on Friday, December 11, 2015

As for next year, SB Nation is "already thinking of ways to make this bigger and better."