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Vox Media in the News: Week of October 19

Vox Media launched on Instant Articles, released on Chorus; CEO Jim Bankoff spoke with WWD; Speakers announced for SXSW.

WWD speaks with Jim Bankoff, chairman and chief executive officer of Vox Media
WWD speaks with Jim Bankoff, chairman and chief executive officer of Vox Media
Mark Mann

Welcome to the weekly roundup of notable coverage of, and announcements from, the world of Vox Media.

Vox Media launched on Instant Articles, which promises to not only connect readers to stories faster, but to also provide a richer reading experience than standard mobile web articles, with dynamic features that make the content more fluid, interactive and immersive. went live this week, marking the first time an external partner joined Vox Media on Chorus, the company's content management system. The site is a space for Marques Brownlee, the Youtube influencer behind the tech gadget review channel MKBHD, to discuss what he knows best: tech, gadgets, gear and everything in between. On Chorus, Brownlee will be able to expand on videos, interactive AMAs, photo essays and written content that falls outside of his normal tech reviews.

Vox Media was nominated for two Adweek 2015 Hot List Awards: Hottest Digital Publication and Hottest in Native Advertising. Public voting continues through November 23, and public voting is now open.

WWD interviewed chairman and CEO Jim Bankoff in its latest issue. As to how the company is unique in the new media space, he points to one key difference: "we're the only company that has proven that we can successfully grow multiple brands in multiple categories and do so with a common platform. All of our brands have a unique identity. This is not like" Bankoff also discusses what he learned from his time at AOL, what inspires him today, and how to embrace the always-changing digital media landscape. "We try to create an organization that embraces and thrives on change," he says when considering the future of Vox Media.

Business Insider named Lindsay Nelson, global head of brand strategy, one of the 30 most powerful women in mobile advertising.

SXSW announced its lineup. The March 2016 event now includes a Featured Session with CEO Jim Bankoff along with panels from Vox Media's Lockhart Steele, Eater's Helen Rosner, Re/code's Kurt Wagner, The Verge's Chris Plante, and SB Nation's Cyd Zeigler.

Jonathan Hunt, VP of global marketing at Vox Media, spoke with Poynter about how the company will use The List App to reclaim the listicle. "When you think about it, lists receive a bad rap in modern media because of how they've been reverse engineered to drive clicks," Hunt said.

Joe Alicata, VP of revenue, product, and operations, was interviewed by Neiman Lab on "what's actually working in digital advertising."

NBC News spoke with The Verge's editor-in-chief Nilay Patel to shed light on Amazon's new lawsuit.